Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Great Idea..

a great many of the residents of this area are spanish speaking,
so this is only logical

A cordial invitation from founder..

Lafayette Ron Hubbard himself

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Upload your media

==I guess you could call this info-tainment==

Ananonymous.Now encourages all of its visitors to register
Google. Register an "*anything*"
Take advantage of Google anonymously, and send me
your new address and you will be added to the list of contributors.
or don't but reg. an anonymous gmail anyway..
You also get 6.5Gb free space to upload to as well.


Are you Afrid?
bad play-on-words, great uploader, uploads mirror themselves.

Great media upload company called MediaFire allows you to upload files without an account and distribute the download link at your leisure.. Use this to upload a zipped or 'rar'ed folder filled with your Anonymous pics and vids. Then send me over your link. I will do my best to evenly display these items on my site.

MediaFire - Free File Hosting Made Simple
This may seem like just another ordinary ad...
but it is a powerful tool to get the content you create,
out on the net.
If you don't already know SECRETDOX.rar is hosted
there. Secret corp. info aside, this RAR was downloaded
over 21K times, with a bandwidth of 1.37Tb.
so ya,. I think they're safe...
MediaFire - Free File Hosting Made Simple